Application deployment for a homepage

I want to publish a 3D scene with our equipment on the homepage of the firm where I work.
I have experience with Java development and Java video games deployment (using Gradle and tools like JPackager or Packr). But I have no experience with development of web pages.
The JME3 homepage has abandoned data about the project deployment and I can not even try to publish my scene for the homepage for testing.
Would you please give me an advice - how can I make my 3D scene renderable and controllable from the homepage?

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Maybe the simplest way is to use JME 3.4 (to roll back) where the to HTML publishing tool existed?

That html publishing tool, it didnt use a java web applet did it? I dont think any browsers support that anymore (or any kind of running java in the browser). @Nakano’s suggestion is good though

like mentioned, i would not suggest use applet anymore, IMO its like outdated tech that will not work for everyone.

You should try this TeaVM solution that as i seen work quite well, and for displaying just scene should be sufficient fully.