Applying texture to a TriMesh with multiple images

I have a model of a car which I load using an .obj file

It has separate bmp files for body and wheel textures.

I have only managed apply one texture to whole model. both body and wheels get the same texture. Could some one show me how to apply textures properly? I am using jme2

Thank you in advance

It looks quite hipoly. Are you going to model a low poly version and after that texturing it? What did you mean about apply textures properly? Where are the car textures?

What I meant was, I want to image containing wheel texture to wheel parts of the model and images containing body to the body of the car.

So far I have only been able to apply only one texture which gets applied to all the parts of the car.

When I use the image that has wheel images(texture for wheels) it get applied to the whole car. But four wheels get four instances of the texture and they look very nice. But the body of the car also gets this texture and I can see a big wheel on the bonnet.

I want to know how to apply the two textures on the correct parts of the car. Car model is a TriMesh

Thank you

You must to create the uv texture coordinates according to the texture you want to map. I strongly advise you to create the uv texture coordinates in a 3d modeling program, because it’s so hard to create programatically.