(April 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Nah. Your one is waaaaay better than anything I can produce at my level of knowledge :smiley:


That’s true. But over my level is still under your or @FrozenShade 's. Gotta keep practicing :wink:

Two years ago I was totally noob about 3d graphics, shaders etc. I started to write the game, the core wasn’t a problem but every day I came across another challenge or problem with 3d things. As you can see, I solved all of them - thanks to this forum, google and Nvidia’s GPU Gems.


Amen, just be ready to rage and ecstasy yourself about really minus details and refactor/clean stuff more than you could ever clean your room in a lifetime :joy:

But some of us have AMD GPUs… :worried:

It doesn’t really matter. The techniques generally apply and the books are well written, pretty approachable, and definitely inspiring.

I also have a stack of GPU Pro books and I think they kind of suck in comparison to the GPU Gems ones. Interesting but the material often feels more incomplete and less approachable.

Just announced Planetfall umm DAVI-500 on our blog: http://boxlikebox.com/blog/davi-500-announcement/

Snippit from blog:

DAVI-500 is a voxel-like base building strategy game […]. It draws inspiration from games like XCOM, Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper.

  • Base building (home sector)
  • Base Management
  • Unit management
  • Unit upgrades
  • Units: survivors, drones, ships, pirates, native creatures, hostile survivors
  • Research (recover AI memory)
  • Interchangeable equipment/clothing/hair
  • Items: consumables, equipment
  • Game and/or player controlled units
  • Attrition system
  • Missions (hostile sectors)
  • Raids

Looks cool.

Do note: there was already a game called Planetfall. It was fun… though it’s pretty old, it was well liked and you will be swimming upstream to get any SEO probably.

Though I guess another game is already trying to swim upstream with the same name, too:

Thanks for the heads up, a great point. We’ll just have to see how it goes, I do like a challenge. It’s been named Planetfall in my mind for quite some time already and I cannot shake it now :slight_smile:. Trouble is someone already stole all the good names :smiley: thrice over in this case; also there is a tabletop game named Planetfall too.

Actually, whilst we’re on the point I was thinking of adding a subtitle to it but I’m not happy with anything that has been pitched so far, maybe that’ll help alleviate the SEO problem a bit.

Nevertheless I’ll try to keep you all posted.

Youtube said something like “Space Engineers” as sub title.
Sounds quite connected to the theme of your game?

Could you tell a little bit about the planet engine that you’re using? I’m interested in implementing my own for a space opera game. Problem is, I don’t know good references on how to make big planets (small asteroids and little moons are no problem). There was a planet project in this forum, but the person who made it doesn’t respond anymore.

If I understand you correctly then that isn’t us, it’s reference to the Space Engineers update where they added planets. Maybe we should change the name :confused: (we won’t :slight_smile: we did :chimpanzee_facepalm:).

We actually have very little media out at the moment we’ll be sure to let you know when we provide more!

Yes, and the name Planetfall is trademarked in the US:

Really, you gain no strong advantage to using a real word as a name (and several distinct advantages to using a made-up easy-to-spell word)… let alone one so populate as Planetfall.

Just be aware that in addition to fighting up stream you may have Activision come and pull it right out from under you (at best) if they happen to notice. (Trademarks must be defended or they get lost… so if they notice they will undoubtedly send at least a cease and desist.) So popularity will actually be a bad thing in the long run.

But anyway, it looks really cool so good luck with it either way.

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Maybe OrbitalFall - A fresh new start, or something?

I don’t want this.

I do like that, problem is though they never reached orbit, the ship broke up after the hyperjump :’(

Well, this is not quite the reaction I expected anyway :smiley:.

But it’s good to make mistakes early and I’m not too proud to admit I’m wrong. In fact you’re 100% right, it is a bad name.

Actually the game had another name before becoming Planetfall that I have been reluctant to let go of too, I think we will all agree it is a much better name. No one read any of those previous posts right?

DAVI-500 It’s the name of the ship’s AI; as in David. Of course I’m not first person to think it up, but Activision don’t have any trademarks on it. thank God for @pspeed

Why don’t you all go check out our blog post about it (whilst I go raid our social media accounts to remove and edit as quick as I can!) :chimpanzee_facepalm: Thank goodness we’ve barely got any followers… ahem.



That sounds like a great idea, since you play as the AI and it’s essentially what the game is all about. Google also seems to have no distinct results on it.

Btw, is that a reference to David Bowman?

Yes this is where the name originally came from (even though HAL 9000 was the AI in 2001), interesting that you picked up on it, I thought it was pretty obscure.

Well for a fan like me it was pretty obvious. :smile: Though seriously there aren’t that many Davids connected to sci-fi.

My god, it’s full of quads!

Added support for multiple lights.
The system has been rewritten to use texture arrays allowing multiple lights of different types to have in-pass shadows.


Sharing some cools screens? I want too! :smiley:

4k: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/101385537/essentia/static/screenshot-2016-04-23_00-50-50.png