(April 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

I’ll start this month’s off just to get it going. Nothing special… just back to working on my sandbox. Added post-processing.

…and my to-do list is pretty sizable so I’m going to get back to it. :slight_smile:


My animation pipeline brings all the devs to the yard, and their like, that’s not hard… and its fast, and its free, and I haven’t properly weighted the model since im lazy.


I’m working on a editor for animated models. It started as a demo for my debugging library, but it’s grown into something which might soon be a usable tool. It could be used to make simple edits to models (such as Jaime) which are available only in J3O format, or by people (such as me) who struggle with Blender’s user interface.

Currently it has the ability to load a model, rotate it, view the skeleton, dump the scene graph, play animations at various speeds, rename bones and animations, edit bone angles, and add new (zero-duration) animations. The save button doesn’t work yet; that’s probably its biggest hole.

In this screenshot, I’m playing peek-a-boo with Jaime.

The editor is open-source, of course, part of my jme3utilities project on GitHub. The app’s name is PoseDemo, and it’s in the ‘tests’ subproject. Feel free to experiment with it.

PS: I’ve created a separate project/repo for the model editor, which I’m calling Maud:


What can you do with jME3 apart from games?
Maybe a video editor:

The video rendering (scaling, cropping, positioning, …) is done in jME, the rest is Swing.
This editor is tailored for editing music videos of the style that you can see in the screenshot.


Giant block banana monkey spawner… that’s a mouth full…

I got bored writing code and thought Jaime needed something better than a castle to spawn out of.


I think it’s safe to say that @pspeed is going bananas with this editor. :wink:


There’s always money in the banana stand!


There isn’t so much new things in Skullstone last days, so I’m polishing old ones.
I’m sure that improved model for door’s grate isn’t interesting, but here is something, in my opinion, worth to be shown here:

Floor red light 2.0

Old version: (July 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread - #100 by FrozenShade


This is a tropical environment I’m working on for use within a game, using SeaMonkey for the ocean and SkyControl for the sky plus a custom paging system with BatchNodes for the grass layers. The assets are ports from an online source I found, if you haven’t discovered them already check out https://www.cgtrader.com/3tdstudiosron they royalty free and pretty decent quality with multiple levels of detail. I had very little trouble cleaning them up in blender and importing them into JME.


This might be a nice add-on for your editor GitHub - Nehon/bvhretarget: test project for bvh loading and retargeting to arbitrary skeleton :slight_smile:


I’ve finished reworking my character model and have been busy reworking all of my other models to match the same quality / skeleton. I have a lot more animation control now as well as much better control off how I add things like hair to the character.


Wow, this looks really cool!!!
Could you please tell me how exactly you now attach objects like hairs to the basic model?

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Yeah. Gameplay with the mad (bad animated) wolves. No physical violence.


I think I need to include some features from your editor to my editor :slight_smile:


I have a base skeleton I use for all of my humanoid characters. That skeleton has a bunch of extra bones for things like hair, wings, capes, etc. etc. I use a dummy model and the base skeleton to model everything like hair so it has the bone weights. Then when I want to say attach hair to the model I:

  • Load the hair model and find the geometry node for the hair
  • Add the hair geometry to the node that the character model is on
  • Remove the skeleton control from character model
  • Recreate the skeleton control on the character model node

Since the hair already has the bone weights it will follow the animations.


I’ll ask Rémy and see what he thinks. Thanks!

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The future of weaponry ? banan AR-15


Well, at least we know what size it is.


Unfornately my exams are slowing my work, but i still had some freetime where i composed a short soundtrack for my upcoming android game :slight_smile:


Height field/procedural mesh generation experimentation and optimizations. Some obvious issues with the optimization part as seen in the 2nd shot.