Article on v-sync and timing

The always hotly debated subject has been blessed with yet another article written by Peter here at Turborilla.

It's a bit different to many other articles in that it takes a more analytical approach, which is good because this issue should be settled early in a project.

Anyway, what do you think of it?

One of the described approaches really did wonders for Mad Skills Motocross, improving it immensely on slower computers.

Very informative, thanx for sharing :slight_smile:

This is news to me  :-o

So, would I be better off with a fixed timestep game loop?

(Thank you for sharing!)

Depends on your game, that’s the “new” point of this particular article. It gives you tools to analyse different approaches. Mad Skills Motocross now uses a variable fixed timestep :slight_smile: which means it’s fixed to 60Hz, but changes to 30Hz or even 15Hz when needed. And then back up again (could have been some antivirus eating cycles for a while. I’m looking at you, Norton)