Artstyle and back-ground story of the sample game

Let’s talk about it !

poVoq here: This seems like a nice scenario, and I am willing to give it a try to make the models for it, but of course help is apprechiated and if you have a better idea (and have more free time to create it) feel free to disregard this and propose a different style and background story.

I would suggest dieselpunk art style for the old earthbased human race powered with dirty energies (see madmax), and a scary biomechanical IA race, filled with angry human conscienciousness of lost-in-space long dead colons returning for vengence ^^

I have nor experience neither talent for that kind of things, so I wish you good luck :smile:


If i can i’ll like to submit a faction, as i’m working on my game and willing to share/help i would like to add an “High-tech” faction that i currently call “Plug”.
The idea behind this faction is to have two “entity” working together to survive.

  • The first entity is an evolved mech (about 2m tall min) and the second one is a yordle style alien (about 0.3m tall max).
  • The evolved mesh have the purpose to defend the yodle as they are stronger etc… so they can be more powerfull…
  • The yordle entity is a builder, their goal is to keep the evolved mesh always up-to-date as they are the one defending them.
  • On other word the yordle got the imagination while the advanced mesh got the strengh.

About the Art-style it is not fully fixed as i’m currently working the idea/concept but the current direction is going toward the “Planetary Annihilation” style.

Ps : “yordle” isn’t the name of the entity but that’s the first stuff i got in mind currently XD

Can’t figure out what gameplay it leads to. Do you have an idea of the practical aspect on the battlefield?

Are the yordle and mech two separate units?

Keep in mind that they are initialy mad for another game. Inside OpenRTS this Faction can’t be implemented the same way, since now, i was more thinking about having the two “entity” as a background story telling than an actual gameplay.
Then to talk more about gameplay, the initial idea to get this Faction inside openRTS following the current engine state, is to have the mesh as army type unit and the yordle as builder type unit, nothing fancy. I was thinking about keeping it simple since I sadly can’t get myself into the code, by expand, this make me unable to extends the engine if some feature is needed. The best i can do right now is reading. Better than nothing :stuck_out_tongue:
But, to jump on what @methusalah said, i can expand the initial idea to get a more unique gameplay, this could be interesting for the engine as it will maybe request it to get feature that initialy it wouldn’t had. What you guys think about ?
I’ll brainstorm some gameplay, let see what i can get, feel free to give what you thinked about when reading the first post about them.

Sorry for promising to work on models and not yet following up on it. It turned out that I have to do way more overtime at work than I anticipated earlier :frowning:

Well maybe this is however a start to work with (not done by me):

I’ll give it a closer look sometime soon, but why reinvent the wheel when there is such a nice start. No need to keep with the “dune” theme though.

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In some countries, you’d deserve the whip ! :wink:

I agree that we should use existing work as well as our own (albeit they need adaptation).

Don’t hesitate to give your opinion on the written things, it helps !

YEPPEE here is the first graphic contribution to OpenRTS added ingame since the project is open-source.

Thanks to @nwad, the author, and all other contributors that make that possible.

Are you as impatient as me to see the next one art contribution ??


really nice, congrats.