ASE Model

Ok, I’m starting ASE models. I have a basic model loaded, but no animation. I am having a hard time finding anything out about how ASE is animated or finding any ASE files with animation in them. Anyone have any information about this? Otherwise ASE won’t be animated.

dont know how helpful this is, might not be at all but try This

did the link provide any help, it seemed to provide some insight in to setting up ase animation, allthough not being specific to your problem.

Yeah, I read the link, and it provided me insight on some aspects, but not with my current problem. I simply do not know how ASE animations are formatted. I can’t seem to find an ASE file that contains animation. Or a tutorial explaining how this is set-up.

My problem is I know MD2, MD3 and Milkshape but no others, so I need specs on the format. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help though. That linked helped, because I know MD3 very well and it kind of compared the two.

It’s not much help, I realize, but you may be able to intuit the format from this code which implements the loading of ASE models and accompanying animation. I also took a look at the docs the came with my copy of 3ds max, but I couldn’t find anything that described the file format.

Thanks, maybe that will help. It sure is not the prettiest code I have ever seen. :slight_smile: Perhaps I can dig through it and figure it out. I’m really quite surprised at the lack of information I’ve found on ASE (regarding animation). It seems like a popular format, and highly requested.

Well, I’m going to call ASE done for now. The object is loading and displaying but no animation. I plan on going back and finishing the animation once I find a source that can help me. Until then, I need to move on and get a bunch of other things finished. So, feel free to use ase, but understand animation won’t work yet.

"mojomonk" wrote:
I simply do not know how ASE animations are formatted. I can't seem to find an ASE file that contains animation.

a bit late, but I am presently learning 3dmax and would not mind doing simple model with animations but you have to let me know if you need something that "just" moves or "reeeally" moves I,ll do it and e-mail it or something, know though, that the choice you make will determine the timeframe.

Sure, that could definately get me started. A simple case (something with very few vertices) would be great.

ok here is the thing I’ve been partying since friday “you dont want to know” go to get started, my piece of crap computer refuses to boot and literally tells me the processor is damaged or not installed properly. I dont know a damn thing about hardware so its off to the technician it could take two days to two weeks, the guys I use now are not the most efficient but they are good. so bare with me a little.

btw posting this from the office

No problem. I won’t get back to ASE for awhile anyways. ASE Animation has officially slid on the schedule. Whenever you sober up is fine. :slight_smile:

the pc booted up and stay up for a couple of hours so I exported two hopefully good examples bones.ase and fly. ase, it was all knee jerk because I didn’t know I had 2 hours or 2 minutes you can never tell with my pc, but all the requirred export options were checked. should be in your mail if not tell me I,ll send it again, I have it in the office.

ps fly.ase is chunky 2megs only realised in the office

Thanks, airhedd. I’ll give it a look, and with luck I’ll be able to get ASE animation going before too long.

Well, thanks for those models, they showed that the ASE loader is pretty buggy… it is dieing while loading them. So I will have quite a bit more work to do before ASE is ready.

umm…currently speaking, what functions can the loader take? I just started learning max too, and when you export, it gives you a very big list of things you want to export, e.g:

light, geometry, shape, matrial, helpers…AAAHH

I tried exporting my little alien, the program ran fine, just there was no model! :’(

any suggestions?

Hmmm not sure why it didn’t work. It currently loads GEOMOBJECT, with associated MESH and MATERIALS.

The loader is very iffy right now, but if you look at the Statue.ase that is used in the test, that might help you figure out what the loader can handle.