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Hey guys,

my program works fine, when I start it from jMP.
after clean and built the asset.jar is created an in lib folder.
When I start the Game with the MyGame.jar comes an exception which says that a model file couldn’t be found.
What can I do now? The path in my source is like this:

bodyNode = assetManager.loadModel(“Models/7073DS/707.j3o”);

should I tell the assetManager to load assets from a .jar file before clean and build? If yes - how?


You probably have an uppercase/lowercase error in your model name.

When you get an error, it’s a good idea to post the error. The code is a good thing to post, too… but it’s only half of the story.

upper-/lowercase doesn’t make sense, because with a start from jmp it works fine. If there is an casesensitiv failure it shouldn’t work then too, or am I wrong?

ok, when I start MyGame.jar the NiftyGUI comes, press the button to load the first scenery and a message pops up which says: " Error in application - Uncaught exception thrown in Thread[LWJGL Renderer Thread,4,main] AssetNOtFoundException: Models/Ferrari/Ferrari.scene"

The model file is in this path and it is spellt right.

This is the code of the constructor which is called:

public ShowRoomModelNode(AssetManager assetManager, String Name, String Class, float scale, Vector3f place){
        TerrainFlight3D.gssc.setProgress(TerrainFlight3D.gssc.progress, "creating model "+ Name);
        modelNode = assetManager.loadModel("Models/"+Name+"/"+Name+".scene"); 
        if(!Name.equals("Hughes")&& !Name.equals("Bell"))modelNode.rotate(YAW180);

it is called when I initialize a array:

ShowRoomModelNode modelsArray [] = {            
            /*ferrari     =*/ new ShowRoomModelNode(assetManager, "Ferrari",    "CAR",          0.4f, new Vector3f(0,0.1f,0)),
            /*mustang     = */new ShowRoomModelNode(assetManager, "Mustang",    "CAR",          0.5f, new Vector3f(0,0.1f,0)),
            /*bmw         = */new ShowRoomModelNode(assetManager, "BMW",        "CAR",          0.5f, new Vector3f(0,0.1f,0)),
            /* mercedes    = */new ShowRoomModelNode(assetManager, "Mercedes",   "CAR",          0.6f, new Vector3f(0,0.1f,0)),
            /* toyota      =*/ new ShowRoomModelNode(assetManager, "Toyota",     "CAR",          0.5f, new Vector3f(0,0.1f,0.5f)),
            /*monstertruck=*/ new ShowRoomModelNode(assetManager, "Monstertruck","CAR",         0.4f, new Vector3f(0,0.1f,0)),
            /*bell        =*/ new ShowRoomModelNode(assetManager, "Bell",       "HELICOPTER",   2.0f, new Vector3f(0,0.7f,0)),
            /*gazelle     =*/ new ShowRoomModelNode(assetManager, "Gazelle",    "HELICOPTER",   0.3f, new Vector3f(0,0.1f,1.5f)),
            /*hughes      = */new ShowRoomModelNode(assetManager, "Hughes",     "HELICOPTER",   0.6f, new Vector3f(0,0.7f,0))            

I can’t see a mistake…

ogre files are not distributed, convert it to j3o (read the manual on deployment). And yes, when run from the SDK its a folder and its not case sensitive, when its deployed its run from a jar file and case sensitive.

Everything normen says is right except that even in a directory it should be case sensitive because we force it to be to avoid these issues.

The fact that .scene is not included in assets.jar is intentional as normen says.

oh, ok… thank you two! I use the .scene file for a minature model in an “showroom” and the .j3o is with a VehicleControl for driving around.

THX a lot!

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