Asset store anyone?

Sketchfab announced the launch of their asset store.

Disclaimer: I work for Sketchfab since a bit more than one year, this may look as a shameless self advertising… and well… it is.

But I’d like you to look at it from a jME perspective.
Many many times, jME users asked for a marketplace similar to Unity asset store to download/buy models that you could import into JME.
There has even been some work done in this direction in the past by @jayfella, but the truth is, it’s a huge undertaking, there is no way we could manage this ourselves without hurting the engine’s development.

Sketchfab has everything we needed for a store, and more. There are a lot of downloadable models for free but now also professional game ready models for sale. Every model is available to download in its raw form (source files) and as a gltf file. That’s one of the reason I worked hard on the gltf loader, to offer a seamless workflow between Sketchfab and jME.

Now I hope you will enjoy this.


Can I have a suggestion ?
While exploring “Downloadable” items it shows both the free and priced models under the same downloadable mark with out separating them. It will be nice to add a filter for separating them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep that’s something that will change in the future. Many people reported that, even before the launch, but you know… priorities and stuff and ETA… :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway That’s for the web team I m on the 3D team :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh. I guess this explains the sudden interest in PBR?

Very cool btw. Look forward to using some of these assets. :smiley:

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the best kind of advertising :wink:


Well. no so sudden… I actually started to develop it for JME before it was released in sketchfab. Like end of 2014… I took some time to finally release it…


@nehon the paypal checkout is busted … paid with paypal and the site is waiting for payment confirmation forever. I know you are not tech support for the site but it’s the price you pay for advertising here :stuck_out_tongue: … I am sure tech support will take care of it. Just letting you know. We are testing a new site that is in beta after all.

EDIT: So after closing the “waiting forever for your confirmation box” I went to my emails and saw that the order was indeed processed and I downloaded my purchase.

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PayPal isn’t actually a bank or any kind of money holding or lending company and therefore has no responsibility as a bank or lending society. It makes its own rules. I have no love for it, but sadly quite a lot of experience. It’s a hell of a ride.

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Well that’s paypal for you. Even if you don’t expect anything from them they’ll still manage to let you down somehow. It’s sort of absurd how bad their service is.


Great stuff! Just what jME needs (I mean a good asset store and a format that imports from ALL its models).

PayPal is okay for me - it’s an eWallet and just like a regular wallet I never put too much money into it. Sadly I was not able to buy as usual from the “oh so great” Unreal Marketplace - they wanted me to sign a contract with PayPal and Epic just for buying some models worth a 100$ (on sales) so that they could charge my real banking account behind PayPal too. So that was really shitty since I sunk a lot of time into selecting things - and a big minus for that “epic” biotope.

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Well… There has been a lot of discussion around paypal… to sum it up: It’s shitty (on the dev side), but buyers want it so much that we can’t do without it.
And yeah the never ending confirmation thing has been reported and will be fixed soon.
Thanks for the nice comments guys.


Paypal is kind of like Windows. Everyone uses it because everyone uses it.

It’s like the best kind of tautology.


What is a good payment service for games?

Its to expensive to purchase a plan with monthly charges and percent surcharges from visa and mastercard.

Id like to be able to link the username in game to a payment system.

steam? :slight_smile:

I don’t really feel comfortable with what steam offers and their business model to tell the truth.

I can market myself.

Just felt paypal was really easy to use myself.

Well It can be easy, when you are the only beneficiary of the payment. Though they are taking a fee of course… but reasonable.

I personally haven’t had a problem with paypal just on the payment level.

But note that to actually “sell a game” gets into more complicated territory where you have to worry about country-specific taxes, etc… For a small shop, it’s better to piggy back on a game service (like Steam) if you can.

I don’t think they could touch me in the US. If they pissed me off enough theres always bitcoin right?

You going to get a kick out of this. When looking up bitcoin wallet companies I ran across this.

Partial System Outage: Our team has identified an issue with sells to PayPal accounts, and we have temporarily disabled PayPal as a payment method while we investigate and work on a fix. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Where did you get this? on sketchfab?