AssetNotFoundException despite Asset being there

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I come across this matter because of this topic:

I didn’t want to revive it so I ask it as a new question:

I get a AssetNotFoundException for Common/MatDefs/GrayScale.j3md

But the file is there. The “Common” folder does refer to my project folder, right?

I did not find any “Common” folder inside the \jmonkeyplatform (not counting the jmonkeyplatform\harness\nbi.common folder), so I wonder what JME3 wants from me?

Sorry if this is a n00b-question :wink: but help is appreciated :smile:

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What is more confusing: Within the existent GrayScale.j3md there are these lines:

VertexShader GLSL150: Common/MatDefs/Post/Post15.vert

FragmentShader GLSL150: Common/MatDefs/Post/GrayScale.frag

But there is no Post folder in the MatDefs folder and no Post15.vert or GrayScale.frag (the last one does exist in my source packages though)


This all might be related to the fact that the topic I refer to is really old and maybe the internal structure of JME was changed… ?!

Weird, the system did not want me to post the original thread with the link in it:

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No, the Common Directory is bundled inside the jme3-core JAR see here to see what is available.

If you want to include your own assets then place them within the assets directory, eg:

For the file assets/Textures/mytexture.png

Texture myTexture = assetManager.loadTexture("Textures/mytexture.png");
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Okay, makes sense.

Do you have suggestions on

*why the code runs with the original poster from the thread?
*how I can realize the "import “Common/ShaderLib/MultiSample.glsllib” ? as described here

what does get accepted is the line

import MultiSample;

in the GrayScale15.frag

Should I put the files into t he jm3-core JAR to make it run?

It probably relies on old depreciated stuff that is no longer available.

No, if you want to include any files add them under assets like I mentioned

This is all old shaders that you should avoid using AFAIK, maybe if you describe what you are trying to achieve we can tell you how to accomplish it.

Furthermore, if you ask a specific shader question, as I mention you should, then it’s probably best to start a new thread.

Okay, thank you!

1 last question on this matter: did the “import” command from above work in any version? The quotation mark is what makes we wonder that this could have worked …

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I have no idea

Just highlight the text and then click the button.


Awesome, muchas gracias !