(August 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

I got split-screen editing working in Maud. I can work on two models at once or, as shown here, I can work with two different views of the same model. The 3-D view on the right side renders the model at a particular instant. The 2-D view on the left plots significant keyframes (in the selected bone, its ancestors, and its children) against time.

Maud is now at a point where I’d appreciate some constructive feedback. Later today I’ll post a call for volunteers (alpha testers) on the Forum.


I port just for fun content from uinty assets to jME, PBR plants:


Working on implementation of working with light probes in the scene editor to prepare PBR scenes:

@nehon do you have ideas how to make smooth transition between two light probes? :slight_smile:

Plenty ideas… But it’s a whole area of study. There is a thread about it on the forum.

Two light probes on the same scene. The first light probe is with terrain, the second is without terrain:

So, in the next version of the SS editor you can compose a scene with a lot of different light probes to make nice PBR scene :slight_smile:

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I saw the plugin for substance painter → unity integration and I figured out it would be cool to have something similiar in jme.


Current features:

  1. Mesh groups
  2. Persistent edits (no need to export the textures manually)
  3. Live (and manual) reload
  4. Extensible material support (for now only PBRLighting and Lighting)


  1. DXT compression

Wow that’s pretty cool… Do you export the textures, or did you find a way to read the subsar?
Would be pretty cool to be able to read subsar in JME as material source…
You should post on Allegorithmic’s forum once you have a deliverable solution.

I use the javascript apis to export the textures and the material settings from sp and then i map them to jme materials.

The plugin support for sp is still very very limited, i haven’t found other ways to do it (the unity link does the same).

Ok. I think UE4 is able to directly use subsar files… Gonna dig to find where I read it.

Mhh but sbsar are something you would use to import raw materials from Substance designer, painter can’t export sbasr afaik.


ships are from free unity asset :wink:



Cool. Are you allowed to use unity assets in other engines?

so as far as I understand, you can purchase assets from unity asset store and use it in any engine…

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I just finished an objective system for my game and added a simple escort quest, although there’s still some un-animated and incomplete things you’ll probably notice. I didn’t make a model for the NPC that you escort, so for now you just escort an un-animated copy of yourself :laughing:

Huge thanks to @pspeed for the trees and his amazing SimArboreal editor :slight_smile:


which particle system do you use?