(August 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

I’m using the built in particle emitter system with the “Common/MatDefs/Misc/Particle.j3md” matDef, I actually didn’t know there were other options :laughing:

For most of my grayscale textures I just found and tweaked an image/texture I like and removed the color, but I’ve still been meaning to look for a good tool for making grayscale textures for my particle emitters from scratch.

but in any case, I offer you to try to work with particles in SS Editor :wink:

I haven’t familiarized myself with the SS editor yet but I’ plan to do so soon when I start making more spells and sculpting a large world. I’ve been meaning to start working on my particle emitters and scenes with water in the SS for a while. I’ve wasted more time than I should have just going in and out of my game to tweak how the particles and water look. Especially since I’ve added more menus to click through before the game starts, and I’ve also been too lazy to add a bypass for testing.

I also noticed and liked that I could move and edit individual terrain patches in the SS editor to open up holes in the terrain, I’ve been looking for a way to create holes for caves in the terrain, and the SS editor looks like it can do that :slight_smile:


Might as well get in on this action here.

After my mucking around with creating an mesh I got to this. So I can make my fancy asteroid field.

But those are pointy… I need to smooth them out. I got working on a bit of the HOW to do it but decided to take a break and take a gander at my work which frankly looks pretty cool.


This seems one of the few use cases where using tessellation could make sense.

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That is more or less what I’m working up to. Just with a bit more control over the points along the structure instead of using some patch methodology.

So as it’s been pointed out before I’m probably going down the more complicated path. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut whatever. Having fun mucking with this stuff. Once the asteroid is the way I want it I’ll be applying LOD on this geometry so hopefully that plus some fancy methods for only loading what is needed will end in a fast(ish) system.

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Been working on buildable stations recently. That mostly means redoing specific station parts as ship modules.

That does mean that they can be carried by ships as well, leading to abominations such as this:

Is it a ship or a station? Vote now on your phones! :iphone:


It’s a “shation” BADUM TSSS :joy:


I have a different outlook on that ship. Have you ever seen a Pusher Tug?

In a nutshell why build a large cargo ship when you could build a single smaller super powerful tug boat that pushes around a barge like thing.

They kinda look like what you have there. A ship with a freaking huge bridge so they can see all around them easily… Typically it’s not a city that’s on top but ya. They usually are a bit odd looking.

The tug is at the back pushing into the cargo section in a large notch at the back. Neat huh?


Shock effect caused by air missile:


Pretty neat.

I’d hate to offer any criticism for your beautiful game… but perhaps a little blue tinting will give the bolts more of an electric look.


Thanks for suggestion :slight_smile:

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@FrozenShade I really like the overall feel of your game based on your posts in the last few WIP threads. All the parts of your game fit together really well visually, nothing looks out of place and everything comes together for a very immersive feeling. I can’t help but imagine sound effects in my head when I look at your GIF for this scene and your last scene showcasing the fireball that shakes the camera when it explodes :slight_smile:

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I have implemented a plugin to generate bitmap fonts for SS Editor :wink:


WOW 10/10 ! Very nice.

Working on a GLTF loader
For now I can load mesh data and PBR metallic/roughness material.

Now on to animations… :wink:




So… not yet the real deal, just some spatial animation no bone animation…
But the result looks cool so I couldn’t resist to post a gif.

Btw source model is here