Bad gateway (HTTP error 502) from JCenter

Not making progress tonight due to build issues:

sgold:~/Git/jmonkeyengine$ rm -rf ~/.gradle/caches
sgold:~/Git/jmonkeyengine$ ./gradlew clean build --console=plain

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred configuring root project 'jmonkeyengine'.
> Could not resolve all artifacts for configuration ':classpath'.
   > Could not resolve
     Required by:
         project :
      > Could not resolve
         > Could not get resource ''.
            > Could not GET ''. Received status code 502 from server: Bad Gateway
  • First observed around 0220 UTC.
  • Unsure if it’s connected with the upcoming “sunset” of JCenter.
  • Many other artifacts are impacted besides “spotbugs-gradle-plugin”.

Edit: as of 0630 UTC the issue seems to be resolved.

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I think I remember that there were certain dates that they were going to temporarily stop the service so people would take notice. There may be one more.

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Those dates were 12 April and 26 April. I’m guessing this was an unplanned outage.

The sooner we stop depending on Bintray and JCenter, the better.

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