Bang Howdy featured on site

Hey guys, check this out.

They didn't mention it uses jme though, just LWJGL.

Unfortunatly their is no place to post comments in their. May be if jMe owners can contact the auther ( if possible ) it will be a good move. Just thinking.

It's based on the (Light Weight Java Gaming Library (LWJGL)

bah! that really sucks...

i don't even see jme being mentioned on the bang howdy or three rings site either...yuck...

is this what companies give back to the community

I actually just asked Michael over at Three Rings about that yesterday and he said he would be putting that up on the Bang! Howdy site.  I'm guessing it might take a little bit though.

try to find the number to the guy that wrote the post on too…  :stuck_out_tongue: (based on lwjgl…sigh)

I wrote to Chris M. about it.  They are usually slow to respond though, so don't hold your breath. :stuck_out_tongue:

renanse said:

I wrote to Chris M. about it ... <snip>

Hey! I didn't write nuffin' about nuffin'! Honest guvna  :|

- Chris

ps. My second name is Martin  XD
pps. No relation to the "singer" from Coldplay...  :x

:)  Wrong Chris M.  :stuck_out_tongue: