Basic Camera Questions

sry for my second thread again. now i have finished my coordination grid but i was wondering about the behaviour of the camera.

i want my coordination grid to be always on the left bottom corner of the monitor and not at position (0,0,0) but i dint worked out :frowning: and then i want my camera, that its no possible to go into minus values, but just to zoom in and outā€¦

i didnt find a good tutorial about the camera and frustumperspectiveā€¦ i think thats what i have to use right?

does anybody know a good tutorial about that theme?


You should check out

You need to set your hudNode to render in the ORTHO queue, this will make it render on top of everything else in relation to the camera.  For example, if you want your grid in the middle of your screen, you would want its position to be

display.getWidth()/2, display.getHeight()/2, 0

(x and y on the screen, z should be 0)

Remember to changer the X and Y based on your gridā€™s size, because the orientation is where it puts the bottom left corner (I think), not the center of your object.

thank you, i will try tomorrow and post my success :wink: