Basic scene for Jmonkey

Hello, I am FIB. Just joined like…9 hours ago :joy: . A very great community I have to say and I am very glad to be a member.

So I was wondering whether there could be a basic scene bundled with every JmonkeyEngine release. I mean a basic environment with textures, models ( trees, houses, rivers etc), effects, to showcase JmonkeyEngine’s feature in one scene. Other game engines feature this and it enables newbies to love the engine even more.



Welcome! Glad you’re here. :smiley:

We don’t have exactly that, but we do have an extensive suite of tests/demos available - you can build these with the engine or you can install and run them easily via the SDK.

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The question is what a “basic scene” is. You mention “trees, houses, rivers”. But to someone else it might be an indoor, modern scene. To yet others a spaceship, or a dungeon. I think this is just right for the jmonkeystore, to avoid cluttering the project even more.


I understand your point. Thank you for your reply.

Thanks. I can’t wait to start building. :grin::grin::grin:

I Appreciate :pray: