BatchMesh into TriMesh / ClodMesh?


  I've been reading through the forum understanding how JME has transitioned away from CompositeMesh (a TriMesh subclass) has been removed in favor of BatchMesh (not a TriMesh subclass).  I have some custom mesh files that are represented as batches of TriStrips, and so I have been loading them as BatchMeshes because of the convenient loading mechanism.  However, I would like to make a ClodMesh out of them.  Is there currently a way that I can turn a BatchMesh into a TriMesh, or some way that I could construct a TriMesh from TriStrip data?



CompositeMesh was not removed in favor of BatchMesh. BatchMesh came quite a while after CompositeMesh was removed.

I don't think you could make a ClodMesh from a CompositeMesh either, and I don't think that ClodMesh works on anything other than full triangle data. Of course converting a triangle strip to regular triangles isn't very hard to do yourself…