Beginner Tutorial: 2D Games


After reading the documentation for Godot 4 (who cares, right? :rofl:), I decided to create a series of tutorials similar or the same as the one Godo has with their Dodge the Creeps game.

Maybe it’s a little late for this post : Getting started with 2D game development

This little tutorial is the same one that Godot has, aimed at JME3 and jMe3GL2.

Go to tutorial

If you find any errors in the tutorial, I hope you don’t take it the wrong way and let me know.

In this repository I plan to upload more examples:

Why not videos on YouTube? Just no.

jMe3GL2 Library

It’s a small 2D library that this tutorial series uses. I hadn’t mentioned it officially before since Galago2D is much more powerful.

On the topic of “differences”:

  • Sprites offer support for flipping vertically and horizontally, as well as real-time resizing.
  • Your debugger shows all the physical forms that dyn4j currently has.
  • It can handle the JME3’s default 3D camera, as well as one configured for 2D.
  • It has 3 animation systems.
    • AnimatedSprite: Able to change the mesh size depending on the size of the animation textures in real time.
      -IndexAnimatedSprite: Loops through an image with a sprite table with a list of positions.
    • RibbonBoxAnimationSprite: A combination of the previous ones, with this we can apply several images to create an animation.
  • Its control system, the physical body (dyn4j) is the same control for JME’s Spatial
  • It does not integrate joints since with dyn4j they can be used without any intervention

NOTE: It is aimed at beginners.


Maybe it’s a little late for this post : Getting started with 2D game development

Actually, it’s not late at all :sweat_smile:

After I made that post, I was busy translating jMe3GL2’s documentation and code commentaries from Spanish to English and only now I’m gonna proceed with my game project.

So… Thank you for the tutorial, it sure will be useful!

PS: By the way, I invite you to read my new post if you’re interested:
jMe3GL2 but it’s translated to English - User Code & Projects - jMonkeyEngine Hub

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I’m glad it’s not too late :blush:

Thanks for your time