Best DDS format for skyfactory


I’ve just started using the skyfactory with a cubemap dds - but have noticed some banding artefacts when I export from the nvidia photoshop plugin at DXT 1, 4 bpp, no alpha. I’m just wondering what other DDS formats JME3 supports before I start trying them all - the first couple of 8 bpp don’t work which I hoped would have a higher color depth to avoid banding. Thanks.

I would recommend you to use dds with dxt3/dxt5 compression and without mipmaps.


It actually looks okay on my PC, it has a decent graphics card,

but on my macbook it’s showing banding,

but i’ll try those other dds formats anyway, cheers.

DXT3/5 is no different than DXT1 when it comes to the RGB color channels. DXT3/5 only add higher precision alpha support.

The best format to use for sky cubemaps is RGB888 inside DDS. if you’re going to use them as environment/reflection maps, you should enable mipmaps on them, however if only used for skies, it is not needed.

thanks for that…

Yeah… Momoko is right about mipmaps! I have forgotten about reflections. That’s because the last project I participated had different textures for a reflection shader and a skybox. Sorry, about mipmaps.