Best Game Programming Books or Articles for Java Developers

What do you guys think are the best game programming books that apply best to Java Game Developers.

I have a bunch of game programming books (I’ve only been able to skim them for the material I needed at the time).

Here are some that I’ve been particularly impressed with:

Killer Game Programming in Java by: Andrew Davison

This book covers a whole bunch of topics and his site is extremely useful and he has tons of code examples and unpublished chapters.

Developing Games in Java by David Brackeen

This book has a great 2D side scroller game that walks you through a bunch of basic but really cool Java techniques an excellent beginner book.

What do you suggest for non-Java oriented Game programming books that would be useful for a Java Monkey Engine developer. I’m sure OpenGL oriented books and high level game design books would be useful.

I’m not totally against diving into C++ game programming, but I really enjoy jME and it’s nice to learn game programming topics that are easily portable.

What about the Game Programming Gems series, I was thinking about picking some of them up, but I can’t decide which ones are the best, is there even a best??

Maybe we can start a Wiki section outlining the most relevant books and articles applicaple to jME game programming.

No list is complete without Eric Lengyel's "Mathematics for 3D Game Programming & Computer Graphics"  I love all of the gems books as well.  And obviously such a list would need to contain David Eberly's 3D Game Engine Design or 3D Game Engine Architecture.

None of those books are Java at all, but are definitely applicable.

Game AI by Example, Mat Buckland.

I also own "AI for Game Developers" and the "Game Programming Gems" Series.

Really much good Stuff in it.

The Game Gems don't cover Java, but their articles cover great knowledge on many things to do.

math, math and math…read all books you can on linear algebra and vector geometry…

MrCoder said:

math, math and all books you can on linear algebra and vector geometry...

sounds like fun! ;)

all great achievements were made through pain…pain and fear, just ask mojo :wink: