Best places to promote WIP game


Almost all of us are making games and some projects are on advanced state. Iโ€™m curious where are you promoting your work, on what forums, game portals etc. Are there some good places to share the information about progress? Any portals with redactors willing to write an article about new game under development?
Btw, I know IndieDB :slight_smile:

Tow of what I can think of:

  • Steam.
  • Youtube letโ€™s players.
  • Reddit (Never used it because my game is not really remarkable)

Ok I am new the whole industry here, I checked indieDB and I think it answers your question, could u please share what missed there?

IndieDB - there are mostly developers and some players interested in indie games. No regular, common players there.

Some French journalist track IndieDB,, KickStarter, IndieGogo, to find good prototype, demo, idea or free game.

EDIT: a card with some links, Trello
( I wrote it 2 years ago when I planned to make a game)

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Thank you.