Best way to reintroduce shapes (bevel box, round box, etc...)

Hello all,

Just starting to develop with jME (1) , I need dedicated shapes, but still quite generic, such as beveled or rounded box, cylinders, cone, etc…

So a few newby questions :

  • are there plans or even ongoing work to populate “com.jme3.scene.shape” package with new shapes ?
  • a few of them might be available in jME2 (may be with incompatible API, still have to check), should they be refactored / reimported ?
  • what is the preferred way : create shape programmatically or load external model ?

I hope there is interest for adding relatively “standard” shapes. If yes, please let me know so I can anticipate coding.

(1) by the way, thank you so much for this awesome project.

Since that majority of users use models I doubt any new primitive shapes will get added to the core.

However if you wanted to create a plugin for this that would be great :slight_smile:

Essentially you just create a jar library with the new objects inside and that is distributed as an optional plugin people can enable in their SDK.

For creating the shapes take a look at the custom mesh tutorial…

Ok. Thanks for fast reply.

I am about to start creation of new shapes.

Regarding possible packaging as plugin, need first to figure out how (no experience yet), so more reading and experimenting on my side.
Don’t expect too much or soon, it is a low bandwidth background project (however, it would be a pleasure to contribute provided that new shapes look good and are relevant to anyone).

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a cylinder and cone already exist, heres a list of current ones:

Also check the source of others, (I recommend starting with the quad, then box) they should be able to help. Good luck

For now just make it as a standard java library project (jar file). Wrapping that as a plugin is easy so we can help you do that when/if you have something you want to contribute.