Beta 1 Contest Rules

jME Mini-Game Contest

The Beta Release is out! And to complement that, the jME staff has decided to host a contest!

This mini-game contest will have the aim of everyone having fun participating and making a good game to showcase jME’s capabilities. There won’t be any genre or restrictions for the mini-game, only that it shouldn’t be too complex for the player to understand and play. The contest will take place between the 7th of November 2011, and the 31st December 2011 (inclusive dates). Below, you can find additional information, including the rules. Any questions are welcomed. Have fun participating, and good luck!


  1. Theme : Mini-Game Contest

    A freeware game which is not too complex to understand. Any genre is allowed.

  2. One entry per author.

  3. The deadline of the contest is December 31st, 2011

    Entry submissions are accepted on this day, but there will be no delays at all (except if there is a big demand), so be careful! This is a short contest, and due to work/school, there can’t be many delays.

  4. The results will be shown between January 7th and January 14th, 2012.

  5. No sexual and/or violent content will be accepted. Some blood is accepted. Extremely bloody scenes will be refused. All games must be suitable for everyone (E).

  6. The game must be a new one and freeware.

    This means only original, free, and public-domain art, and no copyrighted stuff. The sources must be credited. This includes music, characters, graphics or any other thing that doesn’t belong to you.

  7. The main language of the game must be English.

  8. You have to be registered in this forum to participate. Moreover, a WIP thread is a must. People who don’t post on their own Work in Progress (WIP) threads will be disqualified and their games not judged.

  9. The game may not connect to the Internet without asking permission of the user.

  10. The game must be made using jME3.

    Contestants who do not follow any of the above rules will be disqualified.

    Extra notes

  11. You may publish the game on your own sites, other forums, etc…

  12. The Judges’ decision will be respected. No vote changes will occur.

    Voting & Ratings:

    All votes will be given by the judges. Results will be published when all games are reviewed. If you want to help the judges, please submit your game as soon as you finish it so that they can enjoy their Christmas holidays :slight_smile: A ‘Final Games’ thread will be opened later on.

    Judges: @memonick, @namo, @sbook.


    Good luck to all!

    The jME Core Team

Does it must to be an Open-Source Game?

@glaucomardano said:
Does it must to be an Open-Source Game?

No, there isn't a requirement for it to be open-source but it needs to be free to play (at least during the duration of the contest and judging).

@glaucomardano Preferably freeware. This contest is meant to be a showcase of jME’s capabilities, and if the game is not freeware, less people will play it. However, no one is forced to make his game open-source.

Please everyone, note that a WIP thread is a must. I will be monitoring all games so as to alert developers as early as possible if they are breaking any rules. Thanks a lot and good luck everyone :slight_smile:

Ok, very nice. I have to do a kinect game for my coursework, perhaps I’ll be participating.

Sounds awesome! Maybe it gives me an excuse to buy a Kinect :wink:

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What’s kinect?

Very interessting! :smiley:

I feel like joining!

Something simple yet addictive to play, alriight :smiley:

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@memonick said:
What's kinect?

Its a 3D input device made by Microsoft that hooks up to your Xbox.. Allows some really cool things like this:

There have been some projects around NYU done with this, a lot of fun to see in action
@memonick said:
What's kinect?

I didn’t know XBOX Kinect could be hooked up with a PC :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to know more about the judges, sbook is a core developer. But @memonick and @namo are comparatively new face. :slight_smile: ( you know, just curiosity. )

What would you like to know, specifically?

Memonick and I are administrators at Caiman Games’ forum. Caiman Games used to be rather popular, but after its founder passed away, the site lost a lot of it’s momentum, sadly. Memonick asked me if I could help him out in this contest, and I agreed.

I myself have been working on a freeware game for a few years now (updates on that available here:, but aside from that I’m also making a webcomic which updates on Saturdays and dabble a bit in cartoon art (you can see these here:

great job

As namo said, we are admins at Caifox. We are working hard to prepare for when Caiman gets back up (which should happen sooner or later). We are both freeware indie game developers and have been reviewing games on the forum for some time.

I saw a chance to help jME when I saw the beta release. I proposed the contest to elrend and sbook, and they agreed to let me organize it. I brought namo, who is very professional in his work, to help. Big thanks to namo ^^

Where should we post WIP threads specifically for this contest?


some blood but no violence :? … I have an idea that I can relate to my present project…but the idea will involve some kicking, slide and body tackling… but as part of an evasion system, wont have all out fighting…it’s an “escape game”… get from point A to B as quickly as possible without getting captured

@mcbeth said:
some blood but no violence :?

A doctors game ;)
@normen said:
A doctors game ;)

lol..........but yeah if I find the time.....and motivation can I run with my idea.....wont need to worry about blood either :)