Beta 1 Contest Submissions

So here is the thread for game submissions!

I’ve been wrestling with a good way of handling file submissions and, unfortunately, haven’t really found one!

So the plan is: Upload your game to a filesharing site (Dropbox is free, provides good download speeds, and doesn’t screw around with ads) and provide a public download link here. If the download does not include an exe for Windows or a .app for OS X, there must be a script included to launch the game on the three major platforms (So a batch script for Windows and a shell script for Mac and Linux).

Your post must have the following

Name of game

Your general location (i.e: England)

A link to the Work in Progress thread

Your one sentence description of the game (think of it as the teaser line)

3 screenshots of your game in action

A short blurb about the game and its features, like the description you might see on the back of a game box

A link to the download

Once I have the game downloaded, I will post in your WiP thread that the game has been downloaded as verification that the process is complete. Any entries appearing after 23:59 EST on 31 December 2011 (04:59 GMT 1 January 2012) will not be counted!


@thetoucher, here is the thread on contest submissions!

@sbook, please include that they must attach three screenshots please.

PirateHell: An awesome tale about revenge, ships and cannons.

PirateHell is a fast top-down-shooter, a wild run on the waves of a wide ocean. Listen well and follow the tale of an old pirate captain who has seen the gates of hell and decided to shoot them down.

Game Features:


Well done @ceiphren for finishing this game. I know from experience that a game’s hardest challenge is actually finishing it.

the Cove

  • An underwater adventure of discovery and exploration.

    Tasmania, Australia

    WIP Thread




    In the Cove you start your adventure as an tiny unhatched fish, as you play you will grow and evolve, increasing your skills and abilities that are essential for exploration. The gameplay has been carefuly designed to be highly accessable for the widest audience, from very young to old, from experienced gamers to the freshest of noobs. Discover and unlock hidden treasures, eat and survive while interacting with the Cove’s diverse sea life. Experience this unique casual game style while you explore over 20 dynamic Reefs spread across many unique zones such as the deep sea trench and freshwater river.

    … Are you up for the adventure? Dive and see if you’ve got what it takes to find the gate…

    Download Links :




    (all at ~42MB)

    NB: The game is best experienced on ‘Normal (full)’ settings at 1280x720.

Thanks and well done to you too :slight_smile:

wow I just have to say, very impressive projects guys.

yeh those make mine look like a piece of shit

Go back to work wezrule. No time to be wasting time here :stuck_out_tongue: I (or sbook) will post a list of how we will judge shortly.

@thetoucher: congrats for finishing. I’m still impressed.^^

@ceiphren cheers mate, you too!

thanks @memonick :slight_smile:

I’m impressed by both of your games! The results are inspiring and make me want to work on a game as opposed to what I usually spend my days rendering :slight_smile:

Yeah… I am already starting on a new game. Thanks @thetoucher and @ceiphren !


You are a one man demolition crew left alone on a aged space station. You need to start the shutdown sequence and get out of there.

Note this was also my entry for Ludum Dare so I’m double dipping :wink:

Texas, USA





@gbluntzer, WIP Thread? If not on this forum, we also accept on another forum. Oh, and please, three screenshots and a longer description and also the country where you worked on it. Just to make the final review more… personalized I guess.

But really, what is this game all about? I don’t mean to sound rude, but this game doesn’t look like it’s complete. For a start, I walked through almost all the maze, and the only two thing I could find to interact with were a box which said “YOU DIED” upon moving close to it and a stack of blocks which fell with less-than-impressive physics.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good base, but it requires much more work.

Ludum Dare is held over a weekend, remember :slight_smile:

Yeah, just found out. I was only saying what I thought. To say the whole truth, I have doubts if it will be able to compete with the other games… If he finished that much in a week-end, he still has two more days to work on it.

Too bad, I and my Mayan boy can make it to the final submission…

But I will spend more time to finish the game after the new year party!

Congratulation all the submitors, so happy to see what you have done with our powerful engine in such a short duration!

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Aw… was looking forward to your game :confused:

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