Big quality games like the mummy,portal,nfs in jmonkey no comprimasation on speed and graphics

hello everyone in the comunity.
jvm 512
is it ok for the game for unlimited scenes,sound,animation.
jvm 512 is ok for making a game like portal, the mummy.nfs in jmonkey.
its the money on stake

It depends entirely on your ability. I could make pong consume a gigabyte if I had no idea what I was doing. Slight over-exagaration but appropriate, I think.

Every time I see this question, I can’t help but remember the legendary response:

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You can make ANY type of game you want. JMonkeyEngine is not an AAA engine like Unreal and Unity, which have been designed for both completely unexperienced people and professionals to be able to create games.

But just because jMonkey isn’t so noob-friendly compared to those engines, it doesn’t mean you can’t do big games on it. You can make ANY GAME you want. Engines help you to create a game faster.

Also, what the hell is jvm 512?

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jvm 512 memory
jvm 1024 memory
i read jvm need more memory for heavy lifting of game

You don’t yet have the skill to make the games you are talking about. Get some experience and you will then already have all of the answers that you need.

Memory management is going to be a problem no matter what engine you use. Always. Always.


… You’re clearly not understanding this.

JVM 512 = 512MB of memory RAM. You wont be running AAA-games with that amount of memory.


thanku for ur respone . can u tell me how to develop a game like nfs ,portal.
when u have only artist,sound designer, graphics designers,and ideas
but only one java coder.because artist dont know anything about coding they only know how to work in blender.
iam getting direct here;;---->
artist create scenes,animation,sound in blender
coder put that all in java code only by using prevous availaible code.

Graphics Designers - Design graphics
Sound Designer - Design Sound

Programmer - Creates the game

So, if you’re going to make a team to create a big game, get more programmers.

r u serious that top quality game dont consume memory more than 512 mb

He said they consume much MORE memory.

As to your other, Portal is a relatively small game… and yet it took a whole big team to make it.

If you are the programmer in your group then you don’t have the skills yet… else you wouldn’t have even asked this question. You need to find a good team of programmers and artists… and pay them… to make a game like Portal.


If you have Minecraft, go to the Launcher and add to the JVM -Xms512m . You’ll understand.

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i dont have money to pay to my freinds.
its freinds and visions dreams iam talking about.
i want to make a big game to become succsessful and hopeful create some jobs after the success of the game.

You’re thinking way too big.

Never start with an MMORPG or FPS as your first game idea. Make something simple. Recreate a game like Tetris or Snake, or just create a simple yet fun game. Don’t think on creating comapny, hiring programmers and so on. Start by you. Find people like you. Then, the future will tell.

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Frankly… you will fail. No, seriously. You will fail. It sounds harsh. I’m not trying to discourage you… just the opposite. I’d like to see you actually create something someday. On your current path, you will give up before having anything real to show.

You have no clue what you are doing yet. You need to start MUCH smaller.

How long would it take for you to make an asteroids clone? If you say anything more than a day…then recognize that devs capable of making the games you talk about could do it in less than a day. Even in a new engine they’ve never used before if the docs were decent.

Pick something smaller that you and your friends can build in a month. It will probably take you six months to a year… because that’s how time estimates go. Then make the next thing and so on.

After some time you will see exactly how embarrassingly ridiculous your current goals are. That’s experience.

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You can’t make AAA games in reasonable amount of time with 3 people.
All really big games have specialized game engines, hordes of asset creators, and a team of programmers. Just look at Blizzard:
Blizzard Entertainment - Wikipedia (4700 employees).

My best advice is to make something small with few assets. That way, you gain experience and get to know more about game developing in general. One day (I’m talking about next year maybe) you’ll be experienced enough to make a portal clone.

Keep developing your idea’s on paper tho. One day that might be useful.

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This is really good advice.

Right now your creativity has no bounds because it is unfettered by actual skill and experience.

One down side to gaining the necessary experience to make games is that you automatically start to constrain your ideas as soon as you have them. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to go mine those old “crazy” ideas for some real inspiration.


I agree. I have tons of city blueprints on paper xD I don’t know when to use then, but someday, they, might be useful.

I have an entire shelf of maps, blueprints, characters, etc. that I wrote either for pen-paper RPGs or for computer games when I was young and stupid. So fun to go through them from time to time.

Now I mine my son’s ideas. :slight_smile:


i heard that thing before and its not the thing that how big ur game is
once u start the project
then its the consistency that matters.
understanding memory like variable, object, wrapper,strings is not a big deal
surely theyy too need consistency,even if u go and read class preparation in java
read it for years and u will only know that u understand and know only one percent of it.
iam not going here what class preparation is,or why java is platform independence.

all iam saying is if ur consistence people listen to u and things are easy

No. It’s definitely how big your game is. Anyone who tells you different has no idea what they are talking about or is on a team of 20 folks already.

Trust me… I’ve been writing software for 30+ years now. Big things little things. Small teams. Big teams. The scope of your project is everything and the effort required goes up exponentially with size.

Prove me wrong. Make an Asteroids clone in two days. See if you can have it done by Monday.

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