Bitmap Font Creator

I wonder what is the way to get a font to a bitmap font today. In the past, I think I used jMonkeyEngine SDK (Netbeans). Is this still the way to go? Or are there other and better ways available today? I guess Lemur can only handle bitmap fonts. I use IntelliJ these days.

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The SDK font creator was very primitive. I still use the original angel code font creator from time to time. BMFont -

But Hiero is better in a lot of ways: Hiero - libGDX

…it has features that JME doesn’t (yet) support. So you just have to be careful.

Either can and will produce better results than the SDK font creator did.

Edit: but note that it is a bit of an art getting the parameters right.


I use FontBM


Hiero is cool, I like it. I did now make my own font and transformed it into a bitmap font with hiero. Gives my game a unique touch :smiley:


Yeah, fonts go a long way.

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