BitmapText n and line spacing

Adding line spacing or leading to BitmapText (not BitmapFont) sounds like a reasonable idea to me: line height is an attribute of a font, line spacing is an attribute of a paragraph and should not be packed up in the font.

I think your idea is sound @DariuszG.Jagielski, just so you know though, with all the other features and bugs floating around I don’t think something like this will get looked at for quite some time, perhaps even until a dev needs to use it themselves. This sounds like a pretty straight forward addition, perhaps you could look at making the patch to BitmapText (not BitmapFont) yourself ?

(edit:: i typoed BitmapFont instead of BitmapText)

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Though, as you said, it’s not a BitmapFont issue. It’s a BitmapText issue. BitmapText is one of the most fragile classes in all of JME. Every time I’ve gone in to make a simple change it takes me 3-4 hours.

@pspeed cheers, i ment BitmapText, my head was in Font mode.

@thetoucher said: head was in Font mode.

I hate it when that happens. Next thing you know, I start kerning my serifs and it's all points and picas.

Thetoucher, I’m not yet as advanced enough to make changes to JME internal classes ;). But I’ve found workaround, so I don’t need it ASAP anymore, I can wait for it. But if someone has time to make those modifications to BitmapText, please do so.