Black Models

Hey guys (and girls),

I’ve a small problem regarding my models. On some systems, my models are completely black, while on others, they work as intended.

This is the code where color is added to the models (solid color)


Material mat = new Material(main.getAssetManager(), “Common/MatDefs/Light/Lighting.j3md”);

mat.setBoolean(“UseMaterialColors”, true);

mat.setFloat(“Shininess”, 4f);

mat.setColor(“Ambient”, ColorRGBA.Black);

mat.setColor(“Diffuse”, color.mult((float)Math.random()*0.3f+0.7f));

mat.setColor(“Specular”, ColorRGBA.Black);


The systems are all running the same version of jMonkey, OpenGL, and are using their respective newest video drivers.

Working systems:

System 1 specs: Win7x64, Core i3 350M, Intel GMA HD

System 2 specs: Win7x64, C2D 2.2 Ghz, Mobile Intel 4

System 3 specs: Win7x64, Core i3 350M, Intel GMA HD

Non working systems:

System 1: specs: Win7x64, C2D 2.8 Ghz T9600, Quadro FX 440

System 2: specs OSX 10.6, C2D 2.4 Ghz, Intel GMA

I hope you can help!

Thanks in advance,


I guess the ones where everything is black are the only ones which support OpenGL2 and thus lighting, the others are simply not using lighting.

Do the jME3 tests work on those systems?