[Blender Camera] how to set it? (using .scene)

Finally I could setup the environment for a fixed camera pre-rendered survival horror.
Everything ok, now I’ve (I hope) the last obstacle to across, the camera.
I installed in blender the OGRE exporter, and I exported the entire scene and loaded into JME.
I found on the forum the code for import the blender camera from a .scene file, and it seems working, but I’ve got some problematics:

  1. position it seems ok, but rotation no, I used this method:
    public void setSceneCamera(Camera cam, String cameraName, Spatial scene) {
    Node n = (Node) (((Node) scene).getChild(cameraName));
    if (n != null) {

And I tried even with the different setRotation that i found on the forum:

cam.setRotation(new Quaternion(-n.getWorldRotation().getZ(), -n.getWorldRotation().getW(), n.getWorldRotation().getX(), -n.getWorldRotation().getY()));

But in both cases it seems not working, are some values not correct?

  1. I’ve information about the camera position and orientation, but no information about:
  • Focal length
  • Sensor size
    Is it possibile to set these values inside JME3? Otherwise if is not possibile there are some default values that I can set inside blender before the rendering? (Because what my fixed camera will show me in JME3 must overlap exactly with my rendered image).

I will design my application only for one resolution (1280x720) for the moment, so for now I’ve not to manage pre-rendered backgrounds for multi resolutions.

Could you help me please?

Thanks again for all support.

I saw that in CameraHelper there are some methods that could be userful for import blender camera, but I couldn’t find any example

Ok for camera size maybe I solved, it’seems that using the default blender sensor size and a field of view of 60° the quad is the same, now problem is only on the rotation.
I tried even to exchange the axis considering

Blender JME3
x = x
y = z
z = -y

But in this way nothing solved (and even position is wrong)