[Blender] How to add pre-made normal maps to a 3d model?

So long story short, I’ve made a model in blender and import it to jme with ogre which works really well, but I have absolutely no idea how to add normal maps to it. All blender tutorials and explanations I’ve managed to find are only about creating normal maps which is just so useless.

Again, I already have the maps.

Then there’s [the question][1] if the exporter even supports anything else then diffuse.

[1]: Defining Normal Map in Blender Exported Material

I think that’s true about ogre. I normally create my own j3m material and open it in the sdk and set the textures via that.
You can set it via code like in that link, but I highly recommend creating a material file which you can use to set it and any other details.

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Well I’m using eclipse, so it would be highly inconvenient to move the whole project back to the sdk just to add models. I guess I’ll have to go at it code wise.
Is there really no option to do this in blender?

Of course you can set normal maps in Blender. Just add them to the material and configure it properly. Do some research to understand how to achieve this.

Regarding the asset-pipeline I’m currently not at the latest state of the art - I worked with Ogre exporter before, but had to set normal maps in the SDK as I remember (like JESTER said). Have read in this forum that there are two good Blender-Importers now, but XBuf is not fully available yet.

Why not make an asset pack project in the SDK - I think you can then use this with Eclipse somehow? :chimpanzee_smile:

Alright, I guess that does seem the best option.