Blender importer directional light

This is kind of a noob question but, whenever i add any kind of directional light all my blender models start reflecting white light… asif the specular on blender was turned up to the max…

any screen shot?

sorry about the long wait, here is the shot:

I realise that my modeling is not yet up to scratch, and there is no leaves. and it is really dark… does anybody have the answers?

How did u export it from blender? by using the blenderloader or the ogremeshesexporter? I strongly advise you don’t use the default blender/ogre material, it doesn’t support everything in jme, you should create a .j3m material instead, mainly because you are using a alpha map in blender for the leaves… Does you model look fine in SceneComposer?

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Thats great thanks, but how do i convert my blender material into a j3m? Do i have to remake the whole thing? Its the same in sceneviewer

When you open a model in the SceneComposer you can select a Geometry and select “create j3m” in the Properties under “Material”.

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Thanks everyone, yet another dilema concluded…