Blender like armature debugger?


Is there a Blender-like armature debugger tool for JME?

Something like

I believe I had seen such a tool for JME in the past but can not remember where.

The default “ArmatureDebugAppState” only shows the bones as dots connected with dotted lines which is not what I am looking for.


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Hi @Ali_RS, I have seen something similar in this project.

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Hi @capdevon, I am going to look at it. Thanks so much for pointing me to that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I took a look at the SkeletonViewer class and unfortunately it does not support JMEs built-in armature. It is designed for the f3b animation system (developed by riccardobl) and is different from JMEs built-in animation system I believe.

Thanks anyway.

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