Blender models look strange


I tried a bit with directly converting blender models to j3o. I really love that new feature, doesnt need OgreXML anymore. But i am not yet completely sure how to work with all that stuff. It seems you have to apply modifiers from blender, else it cant be imported. But still after applying modifiers and trying to import my test barrel, it looks strange →

In Blender it looks like:

What am i doing wrong?

Perhaps recalculating the face normals outside in blender might solve it. Or changing the face cull mode of the models in jme.

It think you have some problems with inverted normals. Just recalculate normals in blender. Also, have a try to recaculate tangents/binormals in JMP.

Also you can post your problem to @Kaelthas (the plugin developper) to:

It seems like maybe the shininess value might be too high on that barrel …

i´ve tried to change several settings as mentioned above. it seems the generated material with its generic texture is the problem. when i remove the texture and material, add a new empty material and add a image based texture, it shows normal. but this “wood texture” created with some blender stuff leads to trouble. is this interesting for @Kaelthas ? should i post the file so you can experiment with it? or is this behaviour normal and i am still doing something wrong with the blender object?

Something was changed/broken with the blender importer between I think this past Tuesday and yesterday.

I created a model last Sunday in blender and coverted to j3o by just right clicking the .blend file and convert. On Sunday this model worked perfectly in jMP. I updated via the nightly build on Thursday evening I think and after seeing this post, I just went to the .blend file and converted it to j3o to see if it is happening with me as well.

And the UV’s seem to have gone haywire.

The same happens if I just right click the .blend file and then choose view model. The previously created j3o file and the .blend file does not look the same.

I used Blender 2.57 to create all these models (tested a few other that were previously working fine to make sure and they all do not work anymore). I used UV Coordinates and Flat projection when creating the textures for these modules.

Hope this helps.


Seems as if Kaelthas has already put in a fix for this:

Returning to the previous way of uv-mapping reading (the new one apparently caused troubles). — / Google Code

Busy downloading latest nightly to test it and will post back again with results :slight_smile:

could it be that the downloads make trouble today? the last updates cant be downloaded. tried several times now. in the morning and some minutes ago. the download always fails (is slow). ??

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ah i see. thanks normen :wink: one more time :wink: keep up the great work… i really enjoy working with blender and jmonkey the last weeks (ok besides some days i really hated it because i hadnt used the latest nightly builds…^^) …

go jmonkey go :wink:


I tried a few things out and found the following:

After updating jMP today, the problem did not disappear. I checked out jme and undid the 6 lines that Kaelthas changed to see if it possibly was the cause of the problem, recompiled jme the way it is described

here: use_own_jme :: jMonkeyEngine Docs

After all that nothing changed :X

So I went back to Blender 2.49b and created a block, painted a F on the front view and a T on the top view. When viewing this model in jMP, I saw that the image seemed to be the wrong way around, the F on the front view was pointing to the left instead of the right. So I created an empty material and loaded the .png file I used in blender into the diffuse bit, and clicked on the flip tick box.

Then I edited the box model in the scene viewer and added the new j3m to the mesh of my spatial by selecting it in the material dropdown.

Now the model looked correct like in blender.

Sorry for the long explanation, but I hoped it would help tashtego and maybe Kaelthas if he is planning on doing a fix for this or possibly someone could just point out to me and tashtego if we are making a mistake in blender when mapping our UV’s


Edit: sorry forgot to say I went back to my 2.57 models and tested the same method on them and it worked as well

well flipping the texture is also possible via parameter. but that didnt solve my problem. right now it seems the only way is adding a j3m file to the model instead of using textures programmatically. so simple boxes and geom objects work fine with textures as mentioned in the tutorial. but for models you perhaps have to create a j3m file. simple blender import with a material and texture in the blender model isnt enought it seems.