Blender UV Texture Scale

Is it possible to scale material in JME? I made model in blender using UV map but scaled it from 1.0 to 3.0 in both, X and Y. When I import that model into JME, all is fine except textures resolution.

You are probably doing something wrong, the U/V mapping and the textures are the same from blender to Jm3.
Can you show some pictures of blender and your scene ?
Can you show us the material configuration and how you did the import ?
Obs: There is an bug on the importer where you need to restart the jm3 in order to re-import some model…

I was/am having the same Issue: The Texture Resoultion still is 1:1 and then it “stretches” the 1:1-size Pixels, which means you have a small cube and 4 stripes.

My workaround was to call .setTextureCoordinates(vec2f)

Only a guess, but that’s what i looks like, when I scale the texture using only uv’s

You need to turn on repeat for your texture.