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how can I add blender for jmonkey I already downloaded jmonkey but I cant see any model therefore I downloaded blender but I cant add in jmonkey. I am using ubuntu

If you have a blender model you can simply right click them in the SDK and convert it to jME. I think that do not work if you have animation. For animation you have to export it as an Ogre model. There are articles in the wiki section, I highly suggest to read them first.

Hi @Yodgorbek_Komilov
You will find some tutorials in this wiki page :

You can also watch this video for how to prepare a blender model to be imported in JME : - YouTube
You can check this video for how to prepare animated model to import in JME: - YouTube

Also watch some tutorials about UV mapping in blender. You will use it a lot in texturing.

I do not use any of ogre or obj to import model to JME because it greatly support importing directly from blender (.blend file) .

I believe the SDK comes with blender, and this version is highly recommended to be used. Different versions require different importers for JME and I don’t think they are cross or backwards compatible.

In new release of SDK now the default blender is 2.76 which i used in those video tutorials. Even though I had no problem in previous version of SDK which was based on blender 2.75.
And I highly recommend instead of adding support for stand alone formats like FBX directly in JME just try to improve blender support.specially the material part which I described the problem for animated models in this video :

and here :

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