BlenderLoader in revision r11078 does not create AnimControl


I loaded a blend file both in the SDK and with code I checked out from svn r11078. The latter never seems to have an AnimControl while the SDK version has one (actually 2).

I used this blend file:

Some changes were made at rev 10985 which you need to be aware of:

@sgold Thanks!

I added an animation to the BlenderKey, got a AnimControl, but when I tried to play it I got a NPE. (There is a high probability that I did something wrong.)

I’m just gonna use the stable (SDK) version, which seems a lot easier to use. I read that thread but I didn’t quite understand what the problem was with the stable version. Anyway, having to adding the animations to the Key seems terribly cumbersome.

Yeah, it’s a complex issue, and a pain to deal with. If you can work in 3.0.5 that’s where you should be for now.