Blender's Smooth Shading

Hey Guys,
Blender has an option to set the Shading from “flat” to “smooth” thus having more smooth shapes without adding any additional geometry.

Is there something comparable to set in jMonkeyEngine or do I still need to do it that way?
And If so, how do I correctly average the normals?

Or do you know any other Idea for my Problem: You race through some pipes and at the connections you have an hard edge which flips the car most of the time. I want that to be more smooth. Simply use the subdivision modifier?

Use a normal map of a hipoly version of your model.

I googled “flat shading versus smooth shading” and this was the third link:

When I got started in computer graphics, we didn’t even have google… now I get surprised when that’s not the first place everyone goes for answers or to understand some concept.

Anyway, smooth shading has nothing to do with the actual triangles that the car is intersecting.

…and you shouldn’t average the normals yourself when blender would already do that for you more accurately since it knows what the actual shape is. There is no accurate way to generate correct normals for an arbitrary set of triangles unless you know what the original shape was supposed to represent.

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