Blinking during animation change

Hey guys, sorry for the bother, checked for any previous posts but it looks like I might be the first one to experience this. I have a simple 3D model I’m working with as a place holder (It’s actually Sinbad :D). I have been following all the examples I can find on the skeletal animations and have implemented mine exactly how they are int he provided tests. On my main computer everything looks fine and works smoothly (my GPU is a 5850 Radeon +) however, on my laptop (with an NVIDIA GTS 360M) every time my character changes animations he blinks (Flashes in and out) for a split second. Is there something i need to change to accommodate a weaker card? Or possibly something due to the change from Nvidia to Radeon? Either way in both I’m pulling 60 fps and there are no other noticeable differences. I hope someone can help me out, other than Norman, that guy works too hard :).

Yeah normen does answer a lot of posts … He’s a dedicated monkey :smiley:

Sorry but I don’t have anything about your issue … Sounds really weird

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The same could be said about you lol. Either way, thanks for letting me know, I’ll try and mess with some settings and investigate further.

try to mess with blend time


I have tried to mess with blend time and it works for me. from blink to not blink (local, intel card, 90fps)

and in uni I tried it also blink a bit (I think it is nvdia,300fps)

I havent solved it yet, but may be then you can do something like blendtime*fps, hopefully it will be gone