Putting together my blogroll again, lost some configuration stuff recently, and just curious about what blogs you all are reading currently.

My major requirements are it has to be in English, and interesting… nudity if possible.

??? never heard of a nude monkey blog

Ok, maybe I should start the ball rolling (a little quid pro quo).

  • Kevin Glass's tends to be pretty interesting sometimes (
  • Daring Fireball is a great mac related blog (
  • Josh's, but you already know that.
  • Chris Melisino's is pretty good, but tends to be so anti-microsoft as to be a bit ridculous at times (

    Unfortunately, those are the only ones that I can remember at the moment (and why I'm asking for other's suggestions).

Well, I don’t read blogs regularly, but I think that’s due to laziness.  I did setup a blog for myself once, made one entry in it, and well, laziness also set in there. :-p

However, I do from time to time find myself at certain people’s blogs on

Of course our good friend here:

Ben’s a good guy and usually has a lot of insights into all things web+java:

…and there are others, but at the moment I’m doing well to remember those…I’m in deep development at the moment and my brain often isn’t large enough to contain more thoughts than the ones at hand. :-p

Hope that is at least somewhat helpful.


Well, it's got nothing to do with Java, gaming or programming, but I like to frequent it: 

Oh, and, the blog of Scott Jennings, the designer on our game. (AKA Lum the Mad)

lol, look at

I don’t read blogs regularly, too.

Sometimes they don’t even let me :P:

I’m getting 403s on (on / and on /game-799) :’(

it doesnt allow linking.

Cut and paste the link into a browser address line

:-o thanks

kidneybean said:

it doesnt allow linking.

Cut and paste the link into a browser address line

Or simply use Firefox.

Actually, the problem experienced there has to do with the trailing forward-slash on the URL I believe…



I would rather frequent a site like instead…but perhaps that has to do more with differing beliefs. :-p


the broken toys blog is great  :smiley:

@darkfrog…  8)


Actually that should not matter…

And it doesn't when using Firefox.

Oh, you were right.  I just made that assumption because if I click the link it has a problem but then when I removed the trailing forward-slash it worked…falacies in debugging. :-p