Box collision

hey guys

sorry if my question is stupid or something like that but im new to jME and really dont know all options the engine provides me ^^.

so i have the problem that i have a sphere that i shoot and i want to handle collision with a wall (its a big box).

so i cant use the world bound, because in fact its kinda too huge :smiley: and i dont really know what the model bound is and how to handle with it however model bound didnt work.

i used the intersects method.

is there any simple sollution? im shure there is one ^^

so far

well intersection sounds right, where is the problem with that?

yes intersect works fine but i dont know on what to check intersection. as i explained i cant use the world bound. so i somehow need the normals or something like that…just dont know ^^

There is no world-bound without modelbound. that means you should do something like this:

Box wall =....
wall.setModelBound(new BoundingBox());
Box player =....

(same as wall)
check with :