Boxer Game

After much…, I have released a boxing game. Well it’s not much of a game I suppose, more of a showcase for the JME animation system and Minie. And it does work on Windows, Unix and Android. Checkout the README.txt in the link below, and download the Boxer app if you have time. Comments welcome!

The developer website is here:

Many thanks for @sgold for his help with Minie


Congratulations, Tom! Releasing a game, however modest, on 3 platforms at once is a notable accomplishment. Is this version also available from the Google Play store?

Yes. In the play store, search for “theunderpantcoder” and download “Boxer”. (The red icon with two boxing gloves). The game is simply called “Boxer”, but if you search for that you will never find it. You will, however, find lots of other games which are not called Boxer. They are called “The Boxing Match” or something similar. They don’t even have “Boxer” in the title. However their developers pay for google ads. I find this disagreeable and have not paid, so you won’t find the app by searching for its title.