Bryce 5 free

its a 3d land scaping scene dev used it a long time ago, don't know how well it might apply to game dev but hey…free …right?!

Nice!  I used to use Bryce at version 3…it was fun to play around with. :slight_smile:

just read this little gotcha take note

I'd installed it to get the serial and content (for storage and later use), and when I realized that the content would available later I un-installed it figuring I could install it again on the same machine with the same serial / activation when it became available.

However, it would seem that the free version doesn't allow use of the same serial / activation code on the same machine if you choose to uninstall and reinstall later.

Instead, you currently get a new serial / activation code for each install regardless of whether it's a new or old machine. This has lead to multiple different Bryce 5 serials being listed my DAZ account details. I hope this is a bug, rather than intended operation.

It would seem that re-zipping the Bryce 5 folder after activating and installing the presets avoid this behavior since the "Bryce5.dta" file gets included. It now resides on a Portable USB HD and can be freely used on any USB equipped PC.

any you have until sept 6 to get it