[Bug Report] Problem with rotating models in SceneComposer in SDK

Hi friends
I run to problem when moving and rotating my models in SceneCmposer.

I linked those grass fence model to my scene when I try to rotate it that blue box do not rotate correctly with mesh . And when i move that in x direction it goes in z direction and so on .
Is it a bug with SceneComposer ?

Yes it’s a known issue

Report it on GitHub so it doesn’t get forgotten. I’ll try looking into it when I have some time.

Reported . issue #437

are you using the 3.1 sdk ?

Edit : ok i have also the issue, i didn’t found the bug yet but i thinks this can be resolved this weekend.

And this is not related to linked spatial but i believe is related to spatial with a parent’s worldRotation != Quaternion.IDENTITY

Yes. I am using jme 3.1 alpha 1.

I managed to almost resolve this issue, moving the spatial is resolved but i’ll have to investigate also into rotation and scale tools.

edit : rotations are resolved

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Thanks for all your help . :grinning:

This should be fixed now,
i also made a video that show how the scenecomposer work :

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Just so you know you also have all the blender shortcut configured to move rotate and scale.
g to move (grab)
r to rotate
s to scale

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