Collision capsule wrongly detected when importing model

Hey guys :smile: , when i try to import car model from blender my chasis node does not contain right collision shape. What could be the reason. Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Heres a screenshot

Hi @Hassaan_Sohail
It was a bug and is solved in JME 3.1 SDK.

Actually that blue box on your car is not a collision shape it is just a bounding box.
And it seems you are using JME 3.0 SDK yet. It was a bug and now is fixed on JME 3.1 SDK


Please download JME 3.1 SDK from

Good Luck

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Hey dude thanks for the reply and sorry for late response i was out. The thing is i have updated to sdk 3.1 and upgraded my project. But the same problem still persists i re imported my model and bounding box is just not right. Please tell me if there is any work around to this :smile:

Heres a new screenshot

@Hassaan_Sohail I am sorry about it. I thought it relates to the same bug. Really sorry about it. :sweat: But at least you have the latest version of JME :slight_smile:

One more thought :
Are you applying Transform on your model in blender ?
So you need to select all objects in blender . (hit A button to select all)

Then go to Object menu → Apply → Location , Rotation , Scale

Also please see this tutorial from JME wiki

If the problem yet exist after applying Transform , then you can upload your model so i can see what goes wrong in your blender model.