Building jMonkeyEngine from SVN

Does anyone have any information on building jMonkey from source? I have checked out the latest build, I see there are ant xml build files in all the sub directory’s. What process or tools do I need to do/get to be able to build jMonkey?

I have opened the project up in netbeans and started building, everything seems to be working, I guess if this works, I can then just keep my check out folder up to date and rebuild latest source. Is this the way it should be done?

I’m sorry for my ignorance, but I’m coming from a C/Assembly background and haven’t done a great deal with building Java projects.

If you want to use netbeans anyway, use the sdk, it is a netbeans with additinal stuff for jme.

Well I have installed netbeans, and built the latest source. I don’t want to use the SDK as I prefer eclipse over netbeans, I now just need to tell eclipse to use the new built libraries.

Well eclipse is a bit more work, since you need to be able to confgure the buildpath yourself,b asically set the src folder correctly and add the used jars to the buildpath

Here my settings (you might want to modify thema little, since i have a few additional libarrys in),abG9x#1

Have a look at the manual/wiki, it contains setup info for all IDE’s and even command line.

If you have trouble setting up a source in eclipse I strongly suggest using the SDK though.