Bullet tracer and smoke trail effect

I am presently looking to switch away from picking/hit scanning to modeled bullet objects and want to include random tracers and smoke trails is there an example or library that can help achieve this effect, I am going to be using physics driven bullets.



idk if there is demo, but, you should try Minie physics as its more stable.

about idea, IMO it depends a lot if “bullet” will move really quick, or will be slower “like a rocket”.

  • For a quick one i would not even use particles, but just single bilboard image of smoke attatched to bullet node and be rotated in move direction way.
  • If its slower bullet(rocket/etc), then you could use particle system to simulate smoke trail.
    (well for smoke trails you can use Any particle libraries, even core one.)

I already use minie and know how to move the bullet with physics, an example of the the trails tracer bullet or a good approach to it is what I’m after, there are going the a lot of trails so I imagine performance will be a consideration as well

the billboard approach how would that work best, given multiple shooting characters?

again if you can point me in the direction of an example that would be helpful…not here much so I miss plenty

Found these from bookmark. Maybe you find them useful.




thanks will check them out