Camera.contains never returns "outside"


I try to dynamicaly create objects that should appear in the camera frustum
removing previously created objects that are outside of the frustum

BoundingBox bv = new BoundingBox(some_point, 0.5f,0.5f,0.5f);        
int planeState = camera.getPlaneState();  <--- doc says I have to save planestate....
if(camera.contains(bv)!= Camera.FrustumIntersect.Outside)
.... <----- code never reaches here

so the camera.contains(…) function never returns Camera.FrustumIntersect.Outside

I am not sure I do this right
anyone can give me a hint how to do this ?
[edit: actualy after checking, it returns “outside” but only for a few objects, not for all objects ouside the frustum]

ok nevermind I found my mistake, better void this thread, nothing to do with camera.contains, more with the rest of my code