Camera Problem

I built a very simple camera that follows a box, and its working almost perfectly BUT

between the angle [54 to 126] and [234 to 306], the box disappears :S

so in rad that would be (with

That has happened to me when I did not update the model bounds of the object I was looking at.

It still doesn't work :frowning:

unless i have to do something other than:

player.setModelBound(new BoundingBox());

I'm still new so I wouldn't be surprise if I simply forgot to put a random line somewhere -_-

I also tried adding some random box, and they also disappears depending on the angle I look at them, so I'm guessing i fail at learning to bound my object correctly

u r setting up the bounding correctly.

have u tried modify the near and far plane of the camera? it could be that the box is too close to the camera that its getting culled.

I wasn't able to modify the frustum to get it to work however, i added


to see if it was suppose to see it

Result: when i have that pintln, i can always see the box and it works perfectly, as soon as i remove it, it keeps on disappearing from time to time.

I'm even more confused now :P

that is indeed very weird, maybe some developers can shine some light on this

I kinda had a similar problem and I used some camera normalize code I found on the forum. And that sorted the problem for me. Heres the thread:

still doesn't work :S

I cannot help you with your particluar problem, but if you have not checked this out yet, you might want to take a look at Lex’s StrategicHandler library. The source is available and he has also a camera, following an object.

Here is the project: Google code StrategicHandler

Ty, gonna go look at it :slight_smile:


Is this doing anything funky with the player translation, or would this be better


add method shouldnt modify the player translation only addLocal does. so the clone shouldnt be necessary.

I didn't think so, but wanted to make sure.