Camera shake

Hi guys

I was wondering to know if anyone of you came up with a solution for camera shake effect

for instance imagine there is an explosion or an earth quake in the game and we want to shake

the camera for better simulation.

All suggestions are welcome


Move camera up and down? Twiddle the up axis?

I think there is big difference between moving and shaking, isn’t it? Two different words

Have u ever been in cold place, shaking ,that’s what I want to apply to the camera sudden small movements, I wrote the script in 3d max but I want to if someone has done in jme?

Erm, “shaking” is still a movement of some sort. I’m no programmer, but I figure it’s only a matter of getting the speed and frequency of the momentary movement just right, ideally with some randomness thrown in. Experiment.

yes that’s right, basically i know the math class and random option, combination of those could translate the object in space in a second