Can anyone spare a Free fully animated Ogre Model?

I have been playing around with the Ide for a couple of months now and can’t seem to find any other animated Ogre models besides the standard Ninja. Im trying to find something comparable, like a simple GTA character.

I have checked on the Ogre website and couldn’t find anything of that sort.
I have tried downloading some free Blender models and converting them with the Ogre exporter.
That didn’t work because all I got exported is a .mesh file instead of a .skeleton file accompanied by a .mesh file. Somehow the skeleton animations are not exported correctly (using Blender 2.76 and 2.78 with blender2ogre plugin).

I don’t have the skill to create skeleton animations from scratch in any 3D modeller.
Does anybody know how or where I can find complete ready to use Ogre models like the Ninja?
Or can anyone spare a Free fully animated Ogre Model ?

Help would be much appreciated, thanks

Get used to xbuf and then you should be able to convert almost every model from blender to jme3 without a problem :slight_smile:

The Sinbad model was donated to the Ogre community by its creator and should be suitable for your purposes. It’s included in the jme3-testdata:

jmonkeyengine/jme3-testdata/src/main/resources/Models/Sinbad at master · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

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When you export the model from blender, did you make sure to select both the mesh as well as the rigged skeleton? If your’e using the ogre exporter, it only exports the items that are currently selected in blender.

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Blendswap has some characters for games, but also a lot of stuff that is only for movies.
OpenGameArt has things for games, but not all Blender - you will need a (good) importer in Blender.

As others already stated, there are currently other asset-pipelines than Blender->Ogre->jME.
I’m not up-to-date, but “xbuf” and “blender importer” are some key words.

Also … learning how to make a (simple) animated model with Blender can be fun.
It’s not that hard and you also learn a lot about game assets and why things are the way they are. :slight_smile:

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Ah thanks that makes sense, I will see if that works

Ah thanks I already had noticed the sinbad model looks horrible, thanks anyway though

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As a rule of thumb: If it looks fantastic, then it’s probably going to cost $$$.

Also, what @normen posted: I’ve worked with makehuman and Blender and this is great stuff. Every year there seems to be a new version of makehuman too. So, if you want to make a “GTA character” as you said, then this probably is the way to go.